NBNN’s Most Wanted:

This post is no longer relevant as of 7/28/2016. The world has gone persistent. New Bounty Board will be up soon.

This is the list of people who have public bounties as listed by NBNN:

Most Wanted List
no name bounty proof claimed
1 Jade 1 GP screenshot N
2 Lazarus Long 5000 GP Body Part N
3 Darkstarr 1000 GP Screenshot N
4 Lord British 7 GP Screenshot N
5 Scroda 100000GP Screenshot N

If you want a bounty to be added to the NBNN Bounty Board – contact Laz or Jack with the following information:

  1. Name of person with the bounty on their head
  2. The amount of the bounty
  3. What kind of proof is required
  4. Number of people that may collect the bounty.
  5. Time frame in which to leave the bounty active
  6. And then, give Laz or Jack the money to pay out the bounty. We will collect all information for you.

We will not discuss who solicits the bounty, but we will ask people who collect the bounty if they would like their name to be announced during Lunch with Laz and Jack. All proof will be collected and verified by Laz or Jack.

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