MarkeeDragon first official partner of Portalarium

In case you missed today’s Lunch with Laz and Jack, Lord British joined Laz and Jack and the topic of MarkeeDragon came up. Lord British proclaimed across the NBNN studio lot that MarkeeDragon is the first official partner of Portalarium.

MarkeeDragon’s primary business is reselling game codes, as well as streaming. We wish to offer our congratulations to MarkeeDragon on becoming the official partner of Portalarium.

During the show, Lord British says that MarkeeDragon buys game codes in bulk and then resells them on his website.

Portalarium is currently running a 15% summer bonus on its website and any purchase of new money on the website will receive that bonus as add-on store credit through August 22nd.

Also, keep your eyes out for Steam sales where the game price is reduced 50%. The last time that there was a steam sale where the game was $22.49 was in February of 2016. I expect a Steam sale in the near future.

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