First bounty post-persistence in Shroud of the Avatar!

NBNN has just been given 5 COTO’s and been asked to notify the public that there is a reward offered for the person that can find and kill Repsej Sonnils. That’s right if you can find and kill  Repsej Sonnils in Shroud of the Avatar – you could possibly collect 5 crowns of the obsidians! The first person to claim one of his body parts and turn it in to Laz or Jack will be richly rewarded with those 5 COTOs!

For the reading impaired:

Wanted Dead Name: Repsej Sonnils

Reward: 5 COTOs

Distribution: Limited to the first person to provide the proof to Laz or Jack

Proof required: Body Part

Update 8/6/2016: Repsej Sonnils has taken up residence in Spite near the church. He also is PvP flagged for those that want to collect the bounty.

Repsej Sonnils 2


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