Exploit allows NPC’s to be killed

“Woe is me!  I can’t train my skills in Owl’s Head, for several of the NPC’s are all dead.” That is what hundreds of visitors to Owl’s Head have been saying since yesterday evening when some unnamed individual killed many of the NPC’s, including most people’s favorite skill trainer, Mervyn. His carcass has been festering in the streets for over 10 hours without a healer able to resurrect him. Unfortunately, NPC’s can not be resurrected in SotA without the assistance of some godlike individuals and they do not always respawn.

This exploit was brought to the attention of NBNN by players reporting that they were not flagged for PvP and another player had attacked them. Screenshots were provided and reported to the dev. team. Then reports of dead NPC’s started trickling in. At first, we were in denial. Then the shock as we could not longer learn no skills. Tears were shed briefly, then a teleport scroll was used to go to another town.

As was find out by the intrepid Shroud community, there is an exploit out there in patch 454 that allows NPCs to be killed and unflagged players. This exploit was reported to Dippybird and him and the Deathbringer (Oneandonly) were able to fix it. According to Dippybird, the exploit is fixed in patch 455. Patch 455 is expected to arrive around 12:30 PM CST on 8/4/2016. Since, the patch is not yet live, I am unable to post the methodology of this exploit.

As of 11:45 AM Mervyn is back up and alive Thanks to a server side patch.
OH 2

If you find an exploit, remember, REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY to the development team via email. You can also find them hanging out in the official SotA discord channel.

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