The end is nigh!

One week until final wipe and the QA server is up.

With 7 days until final wipe, it is my expectation that the normal server will be damned near vacant and initial impressions are showing this to be true. My friends list is damned near vacant as I type this; however, I see many friends on the QA server. Several of the people that I have spoken to are taking a break from the game and prepping for final wipe.

Those that plan on sticking around have been logging onto the QA server to test the upgraded intro scene and providing feedback to the first time user experience. This also allows people the opportunity to find ways to maximize cash flow in case their is a social wipe. On the QA server, guild memberships and also social lists are still intact.

The QA server has already received 3 or 4 patches since going live and there have been changes to the FTUE. The QA server also changed over from older hardware to more modern hardware which should be similar to the what the live servers should be running on post-wipe, which means SSD!

Unfortunately, I am unable to provide feedback on what new things are coming based on what I have seen on the QA server. What I can make comments on are the things that Portalarium have made available for all -and that includes their 3rd quarter schedule.

As a reminder, FINAL WIPE IS NOT RELEASE – it’s more of a soft opening with lots of construction to be done. The devs decided that they needed to retool the first time user experience and that has taken tons of staff hours. It is hard for people to remember that the entire dev team is only 30 people and they work on bits and pieces of the larger project.

I am not going to use this space to talk about the development of this game over the past couple of years other than to say that for a team that has been about 30 for the last 2 years, they have done an amazing job even with the some of the decisions that have caused a backlash within the community.

That’s it for now. 7 days….

what to do until those 7 days are over…

Anyone got a time machine?

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