Deathbringer saves us!

It has been reported by Dippybird that the “Deathbringer,” Oneandonly, has saved the world from his malevolent creation. At the 11th hour, the Deathbringer was able to find and squash several game stopping bugs.

The Deathbringer was helped by Unity, who opened themselves up to him, and gave him access to their source code. The Deathbringer dove into the entrails of Unity and was able to pull out and isolate several game stoppers in their code that was causing Shroud to crash. Saint Deathbringer responded to questions by saying that he has granted upon the players in Novia a great mercy and that one of the bugs was his creation.

These bugs caused numerous players to crash. Based on early testing in ye olde QA server, stability was achieved. We have yet to see if these bugs persist into the live server; however, based on Dippybird’s comments in naming the Deathbringer a saint, it can only be assumed that the bugs have been resolved. We look forward to testing whether or not these bugs persist and are crossing our fingers that this is not a FireLotus party and the song “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” is not playing.

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